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Written by Magnus Holm

GitHub Pages is a pretty cool feature which allows you to publish web content to a subdomain named after your username. It automatically serves everything you have located under the gh-pages branch, so you can use Git to update the site.

However, what do you do when you already got your website/docs/whatever in your master branch? If you checkout the gh-pages branch, the folder disappears. You’ll actually have to copy the folder to another place before you checkout the new branch and copies the folder into that branch.

It’s even harder if you haven’t created the gh-pages branch yet.


Okey, enter Grancher (yeah, I know, lame name):

# Install: system('sudo gem install grancher') # Create a Rakefile: require 'grancher/task' do |g| g.branch = 'gh-pages' g.push_to = 'origin' # automatically push too 'website' end

Do a rake publish and the folder will be copied to the gh-pages branch, committed and pushed. Easy peasy! Have a look at the documentation to get started. Report any bugs at GitHub.