The timeless repository

Programming pieces

  1. Writing Composable Templates in Tubby
  2. Abstraction Creep
  3. JSON: The JavaScript subset that isn't
  4. Literate Programming
  5. Mockup-Driven DevelopmentWhen mockups and templates combine forces
  6. Haters gonna HATEOASSome details about REST
  7. Cracking TootSweet's Masyu Format


Let’s be honest: These aren’t exactly Nietzsche. They made sense when they were written though.

  1. There is no talent... only passion
  2. Why there is no talent... and there's still only passion
  3. Your blog is a project.. so why don't you treat it like one?
  4. Simplicity is difficultDo the minimum, 'cuz YAGNI

Ruby pieces

Specialized for Rubyists.

  1. Sexp for RubyistsA dialog between a student and his master
  2. Tailin' RubyImplementing tail call optimizations in Ruby
  3. When in Doubt, Turn to _why
  4. BDD with Rspec and SteakTasty Testing Terminology
  5. On Camping vs Sinatra
  6. Making Ruby GemsIt's super easy!
  7. Refinements in RubyMonkey patching for friendly monkeys
  8. Block Helpers in Rails 3Wherein Rails add their own ERB syntax
  9. Building a Website with WebbyHow to turn Webby into the perfect blog engine

Ruby bits

Small bits of Ruby. Something to chew on. 80% fun, 90% useless.

  1. Copy PasteAccess the clipboard in IRB
  2. Exception#continueNever Gonna Give You Up
  3. MorseMorse code encoder/decoder in Ruby
  4. NokogirlBecause programmers can't splell
  5. Chained ComparisonsStealing a nifty Python feature
  6. Charging Objects in RubyPositive, negative and whatnot
  7. TributeThis is the greatest and best code in the world
  8. haiku.rbRuby poems
  9. SuperIOConvert everything to an IO

Old Projects

Ahh. All of the projects which was once so promising, but is now completely left alone. Who knows if they still work? Who knows if anyone is using them?

  1. GashAccess a Git repo as a Hash
  2. ParkabySuper fast experimental Markaby replacement
  3. GrancherEasily Copy Folders to a Git Branch
  4. SexpBuilderEasily process and rewrite S-expressions using SexpPath
  5. Use the Gemspec

Projects that's still alive

  1. TempleFramework for creating rock solid template engines


  1. TimelessA mixture of a blog, wiki and CMS
  2. Comments?How commenting works on Timeless
  3. ContributeHelp us make Timeless even better

The Rest

  1. Ruby Fishy EditionA fishy rant about a silly topic